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The Overlay is a tar file that includes modified versions of processor configuration dependent files that are required by various toolchain tools, such as binutils, gcc, and gdb. The overlay described here has a specific layout and is intended for toolchain generators, such as buildroot, OpenADK or crosstool-NG.

Creating the overlay

The overlay file shipped by Tensilica uses a flat directory structure, which is not suitable for buildroot or crosstool-NG at the moment. The file is part of the generated processor package, and can be found in the XtDevTools directory:


The following script converts this file and writes the modified version to xtensa-overlay.tar. Simply provide the path and name of the overlay provided by Tensilica when running the script:

./ $XTENSA_CORE path/to/xtensa-config-overlay.tar.gz .

The file xtensa_$XTENSA_CORE.tar.gz created by the script can now be used to build buildroot or crosstool-NG. For more information how to configure those generators, please see Buildroot or crosstool-NG.

(Note that there is also a similar overlay file in the generated processor package provided by Tensilica, but it has a different directory layout and is not suitable for the script provided below. It can be found under .../$XTENSA_CORE/xtensa-elf/src/linux/misc/linux-overlay.tar.gz)

Conversion Script

Example Files

The following files are the original and generated overlay file for the DC_D_233L processor.

Ready to go overlay archives (can be used with buildroot and OpenADK)