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Experimental uClinux support

Toolchain with uClinux support

Xtensa uClinux userspace is based on bFLT executable file format.

  • gcc patch that adds xtensa*-*-uclinux* is committed into gcc-6.0 development branch and will be first released with gcc-6.1.
  • elf2flt patch that adds Xtensa support is committed into this elf2flt repository.

Linux kernel with noMMU support

Linux branch with noMMU support patches, sample core and sample configuration: https://github.com/jcmvbkbc/linux-xtensa/commits/xtensa-nommu

The patches will likely appear in Linux v4.4

Buildroot with noMMU support

Buildroot branch with gcc and elf2flt patches, sample overlay and configuration: https://github.com/jcmvbkbc/buildroot/commits/xtensa-nommu

uClinux distribution for Xtensa

In progress