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LibFFI is a library that provides an interface to execute low-level functions. It is mostly used by scripting or higher-level languages, such as Python, Dalvik, etc.


Build Instructions

Clone the GitHub repository and check out the xtensa branch:

git clone git://
cd xtensa-ffi
git checkout xtensa

Configure and build the library. Make sure that the compiler is in the 'PATH'

export PATH=<path-to-xtensa-linux-gcc>:$PATH
./configure --host=xtensa-linux

The resulting libraries are in the .libs directory.


LibFFI comes with an extensive test-suite based on Dejagnu.

Using Telnet

load_generic_config "unix";                                                                                                                                    
set_board_info hostname         "lx60"
set_board_info compiler         "/share/publish/xtensa/buildroot/cross/stable/dc232b/usr/bin/xtensa-linux-gcc"
set_board_info connect          "telnet"
set_board_info file_transfer    "ftp"
set_board_info shell_prompt     "\\$ "
set_board_info protocol         "telnet"
set_board_info telnet_username  "test"
set_board_info telnet_password  "test"
set_board_info ftp_username     "test"
set_board_info ftp_password     "test"