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The Xtensa LInux Development Environment XLIDE is a simple perl script to build the cross toolchain for Xtensa.

Quick Start

The following steps compile and install cross development tools for Xtensa.

All commands take the optional argument -d <destination> that defines the directory for the cross tools and target directory.

  1. Download the latest version of xlide through one of the following methods:
    Using wget: wget -O xlide "http://git.linux-xtensa.org/git.cgi?p=xlide/xlide;a=blob_plain;f=xlide" (don't omit the quotation marks <">!)
    Using your browser: click here
  2. Set the executable bit for 'xlide': chmod +x xlide
  3. Run xlide sync to download the latest package specification file.
  4. Run xlide [-d <path>] [-x <config>] init to initialize a new XLIDE configuration.
    The <config> option allows to build the cross tools for a particular Xtensa processor configuration other than the default Xtensa configuration that comes with the toolchain sources. Currently, only dc232l for the Diamond Core DC-232L is supported.
  5. Run xlide [-d <path>] install CrossDevelopment to build the cross development tools.

The cross development tools can be found under <path>/bin.