HiFi-2 snapshot 2 SMP uclibc-menuconfig

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Below are notes on the buildroot uclibc menuconfig used to build this 2nd snapshot with SMP additions. The lines marked with a '+' are changes. We will try to keep this page in sync with the snapshot_2+SMP git repositories/branches.

   $ make uclibc-menuconfig
       uClibc development/debugging options  --->
               Target Architecture (xtensa)  --->
               Target Architecture Features and Options  --->
                        [*] Target CPU has a memory management unit (MMU)
                        [*]   Do you want to utilize the MMU?
                        [*] Enable floating point number support                                      [Seems to be required]
                        [ ]   Enable full C99 math library support
               General Library Settings  --->
                       [*] Generate only Position Independent Code (PIC)
                       [*]   Native 'ldd' support
                       [*]   Enable library loader cache (ld.so.conf)
                       [*] Support global constructors and destructors
                       [*] POSIX Threading Support
                       [*]   Build pthreads debugging support
                       [*]   Use the older (stable) version of linuxthreads
                       [*] Large File Support
                       [*] Malloc returns live pointer for malloc(0)
                       [*] Dynamic atexit() Support
                       [*] Enable SuSv3 LEGACY macros                                                [LEGACY MACROS cause problems for QT Embedded for Linux 4.6 Test Framework]\
                           ...                                                                       [LEGACY MACROS appear to be needed by the BIND Package!]
                       [*] Shadow Password Support
                       [*] Support for __progname
                       [*] Assume that /dev/pts is a devpts or devfs file system
                       [*] Support 'struct tm' timezone extension fields
                       [*] Enable caching of the last valid timezone 'TZ' string
                       [*] Enable '/etc/TZ' file support to set a default timezone (uClibc-specific)
                       [*]   Repeatedly read the '/etc/TZ' file
                       (/etc/TZ) Path to the 'TZ' file for setting the global timezone
               Advanced Library Settings  --->
                        (256) Buffer size for getpwnam() and friends
               Networking Support  --->
                       [*] Remote Procedure Call (RPC) support
                       [*]   Full RPC support
                       [*]   Reentrant RPC support
               String and Stdio Support  --->
                        [*] Wide Character Support
                         -[ ] Locale Support
               Big and Tall  --->
               Library Installation Options  --->
               Security options  --->
               uClibc development/debugging options
                         [ ] Build uClibc with debugging symbols                                [Causes problem with gdb, needs to be investigated, build uClibc on target like Joe did]
                         [*] Build the shared library loader with debugging support
                         [*] Enable extra annoying warnings