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Stable Snapshots of Buildroot and the Linux kernel [CURRENTLY OUT OF DATE]

As an alternative to using the latest source files from GIT and Subversion, you can use one of the snapshot bundles available on the download page. These snapshots include versions of the Linux kernel and the Buildroot files that have been tested to work together, as well as associated build documentation that matches those snapshots. Unfortunately the current snapshots are very old and need to be replaced with new versions. We currently recommend you clone git repositories and use stable branches/tags.

(If you want the latest sources instead, please refer to the latest Buildroot_Build_Instructions.)

Unofficial LTP test results are available in the LTP Test Results page.

List of GIT Commit Points for Each Snapshot and the Current Recommended Source Code
Snapshot Linux Kernel Buildroot Comments
GIT Tree Commit/Tag GIT Tree Commit/Tag/Branch
linux-xtensa-20080123.tar.gz xtensa-2.6.24 50f17d5ba5d2 buildroot-xtensa dd6f0d70fb1f First snapshot [No Longer Supported]
linux-xtensa-20080711.tar.gz xtensa-2.6.24 ce5325b68b14 buildroot-xtensa 16f39dfdde4b Second snapshot [No Longer Supported]
xtensa-2.6.29-smp buildroot-xtensa-HiFi2-Snapshot snapshot_2+SMP Second snapshot + SMP [Only Available via GIT]